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Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : USA Mixed 08:03 - Mar 02

Interview by @SimonCocking with Gregory Marliav, Stacey Waldrup and An-Chi Tsou from the USA Mixed team. How has it been training over the winter, on wet? cold? sand for this one? Northern California has given us a mix of cold and warm beach days. Definitely a fair number of overcast days, even one where it started raining on us just as [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : UAE Open 10:02 - Feb 28

By @SimonCocking Interview with Alex Niswander, UAE Open Team co-Captain @UAEUltimate. How long has there been ultimate in UAE? There has been ultimate in the UAE for quite a few years. I’m not sure of the specific count since I’ve only been living here for a short time. However, we have some people who have played [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team – One more week! 07:02 - Feb 28

–English Below — Nog 7 dagen. De spanning zit er bij het team al goed in. Aankomende donderdag al reizen de meeste spelers af naar Dubai. De laatste oefenwedstrijd binnen Europa is reeds gespeeld. In frisbee Nederland krijgt men al langzaam de smaak te pakken, intenties zijn gemaakt op facebook om coverafbeeldingen aan te passen [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Netherlands Mixed 19:02 - Feb 27

By @SimonCocking Happy to catch up with Rogier Postma: co-captain of the Dutch mixed team for WCBU. How has the training been going?  Really well. We started about a year ago with this team so we could practice and play together a lot. We are very satisfied with our progression as a team and our chemistry is [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : UAE Mixed 14:02 - Feb 27

By @SimonCocking Interview with Craig Anderson UAE Mixed co-captain  Craig in action, beautifully timed flick and camels How long has there been ultimate in UAE? I’m honestly not too sure as I have been here just over 4 years, but it can’t have been much longer than that. The improvement in the community during that time [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : First 5 posts 14:02 - Feb 26

By @SimonCocking Not long now till #WCBU2015 in Dubai . Here are the first five articles in case you missed any. We look forward to bringing you the stories of as many as possible before the big event itself. Image from WCBU website  Read the first five posts below Irish Mixed, Sam Mehigan BULA, Patrick van [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Australian Mixed 08:02 - Feb 25

By @SimonCocking Happy to bring you the latest interview with Luan Mckenna, captain of the Australian Mixed Beach team for WCBU 2015. For those that don’t realise,Luan follows in a distinguished line of Irish exports to Australian ultimate!  In Dubai he will be proudly leading out the Ozzies! How has the training been going? Easier than Ireland, cos [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Irish Open 01:02 - Feb 24

By @SimonCocking, interview with Brian Boyle, Irish Open Captain Congrats on being captain ! How has the training been going? Thanks Si! Really excited now with less than 2 weeks to go. Training has been going quite well despite the time of year. We’re all finished now in terms of training after 4 weekends together plus the trials, [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : GB Masters co-Captain Rob McGowan 22:02 - Feb 23

By @SimonCocking Congrats on co-captainness. How has it been training in the winter for a beach tournament, cold wet sand surely? Tough? Thanks, I’m co-captain with Dave Grayson who I’ve played with on various masters teams for the last 5 years. Dave runs the show. I help where I can.   Rob modestly rising from the [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim Patrick van der Valk, longtime BULA inspiration, eager for WCBU 2015 23:02 - Feb 22

By @SimonCocking Delighted to be chatting with Patrick van der Valk, heavily involved with BULA since 2000, and a real driving force and inspiration in the growth of Beach Ultimate worldwide. I spent a few days with him and family, at the Bar Do Pexie, on an Irish Arts council grant studying the Lisboa mosaic pavements and playing ultimate!  [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Irish Mixed Team 09:02 - Feb 22

By @SimonCocking Interview with Sam Mehigan co-captain along with Rory Kavanagh for the Irish mixed beach team @IFDAnews How has the training been going? Training has been fairly minimal, the team was picked quite late and a lot of the players are either on EUC teams or living abroad so we only got the chance to train [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate In Nederland NBFT – the schedule 13:02 - Feb 20

— English below — Met nog slechts 16 dagen te gaan heeft de organisatie vandaag het speelschema en de seeding bekend gemaakt. Over 5 dagen spelen zullen 70 teams uit 25 landen zo’n 400 wedstrijden bij elkaar spelen. Het schema is uitdagend, want in de eerste drie dagen zal Nederland in de poulefase zo’n 8 [Read More…]