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GH Beach Tales Games to watch – Friday #BeachTales 22:03 - Mar 12

Well clearly the games to watch are the finals. So let’s have a quick look into them and maybe some predictions Grand Masters: USA vs Sweden – in their previous meeting USA won 13 – 4. The real question is, what will Sweden change? Open Masters: USA vs Canada – Team USA have rolled through [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Bracket Play – It’s Business Time #BeachTales 02:03 - Mar 12

Pools are all done, it is time for the knockout stage.  Check out all the standings here.  It is time to see what teams can manage in do or die mode.  I look at mixed, women’s and open and tell you a bit of what to expect for each one. Mixed The USA has gone through [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales From Chennai to Dubai #BeachTales 02:03 - Mar 12

In every ultimate federation you find those individuals who have put a lot of effort into spreading ultimate and helping the sport grow in their country. Jaidip Patel is one of those unique people and is the main guy in Indian ultimate, who, in this their second WCBU, have lit up the tournament. I spoke [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Quick update 10:03 - Mar 11

NL has played 7 games thusfar: Ned 12 – Gbr 9 Ned 12 – Uga 5 Ned 7 – Swe 13 Ned 7 – Ger 10 Ned 13 – Cze 5 Ned 12 – Ind 5 Ned 4 – Can 7 With Canada and Germany atop the poole each with 6 wins and 1 loss [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : USA Mixed 08:03 - Mar 02

Interview by @SimonCocking with Gregory Marliav, Stacey Waldrup and An-Chi Tsou from the USA Mixed team. How has it been training over the winter, on wet? cold? sand for this one? Northern California has given us a mix of cold and warm beach days. Definitely a fair number of overcast days, even one where it started raining on us just as [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Netherlands Mixed 19:02 - Feb 27

By @SimonCocking Happy to catch up with Rogier Postma: co-captain of the Dutch mixed team for WCBU. How has the training been going?  Really well. We started about a year ago with this team so we could practice and play together a lot. We are very satisfied with our progression as a team and our chemistry is [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : UAE Mixed 14:02 - Feb 27

By @SimonCocking Interview with Craig Anderson UAE Mixed co-captain  Craig in action, beautifully timed flick and camels How long has there been ultimate in UAE? I’m honestly not too sure as I have been here just over 4 years, but it can’t have been much longer than that. The improvement in the community during that time [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Australian Mixed 08:02 - Feb 25

By @SimonCocking Happy to bring you the latest interview with Luan Mckenna, captain of the Australian Mixed Beach team for WCBU 2015. For those that don’t realise,Luan follows in a distinguished line of Irish exports to Australian ultimate!  In Dubai he will be proudly leading out the Ozzies! How has the training been going? Easier than Ireland, cos [Read More…]

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