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Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Ups and Downs of Pool Play; Day 2 Report 22:03 - Mar 11

When we last left you our heroes in Orange had 2 wins, 1 loss, and were looking to push their way towards the top 4 in their pool as day 2 of the WCBU began. The weather, unsurprisingly, was hot, hotter than anything we ever see back in Amsterdam, and also just hotter than the [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Volunteer corner #BeachTales 21:03 - Mar 11

DSC_0168As is now standard for World Championship tournaments an army of volunteers are recruited to aid the TD’s in ensuring the smooth running of these huge events. We caught up with one of the physio team volunteers to talk about her experience here and at previous events. What is your name? Stephanie Wong Where are you [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Player Profile: Currier Island #BeachTales 20:03 - Mar 11

DSC_0172Name and Jersey Number: Mercy Mbago #9 Which team do you play for? I play for Currier Island in the women’s division, but I am from Kenya How did you end up deciding to come here with Currier? We didn’t have enough ladies with Kenya.  We wanted to play mixed, but we didn’t have enough ladies.  My [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Got you covered at WCBU #BeachTales 20:03 - Mar 11

DSC_0137Obviously you have been enjoying the coverage from here in Dubai, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But we thought we could share with you a little of what is going on and the efforts from the different teams out here. Get Horizontal – for those outside European Ultimate Get Horizontal was started in Belgium [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Quick update 10:03 - Mar 11

NL has played 7 games thusfar: Ned 12 – Gbr 9 Ned 12 – Uga 5 Ned 7 – Swe 13 Ned 7 – Ger 10 Ned 13 – Cze 5 Ned 12 – Ind 5 Ned 4 – Can 7 With Canada and Germany atop the poole each with 6 wins and 1 loss [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Day 1 Summary 21:03 - Mar 10

Greetings frisbee followers from every corner of the world and of course especially those whose wardrobe includes at least one pair of orange sunglasses, pants, or oven mitts. As the lone non-participating member of the Netherlands frisbee community in Dubai I have the unique vantage point, if I’m not off looking at sky scrapers, to [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU : The Philippines 14:03 - Mar 09

By @SimonCocking Images by UltiPhotos  Is it just a beach sport there, or do you play on grass too? There are more grass tournaments.  Very few beach tournaments. You guys appeared to come out of nowhere at WCBU a few years ago, and really hit the ground flying! Had you been in stealth mode for a while? [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland Good luck NBFT! 08:03 - Mar 06

Gisteren ontving het NBFT vanuit Nederland succeswensen van jullie, hun vrienden, familie, teamgenoten en supporters. Het viel in zeer goede handen. Nederland, succes! Wij staan achter jullie! Mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Familie Doesburg Dorian Kingma, Tante en nichtjes Hilco Lauri van Ommen en familie van Ommen NUTS Airborn UFO Howard Sophie Nienke en zusjes Eelke Coen [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Team Uganda 11:03 - Mar 05

By @SimonCocking interview with Team Uganda How long has ultimate been going in Uganda? How many people play Ultimate in Uganda has been going on over 17 years,  estimate about over 60 people play Ultimate in Kampala and another 60 for other clubs around the Country. The game mostly grew in Kampala City, there are two clubs, [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview week 2: UAE, Netherlands, USA, India & 2 bonus 19:03 - Mar 04

By @SimonCocking For those that missed any of this weeks preview piece’s here they are; UAE Mixed Netherlands Mixed UAE Open USA Mixed Team India Bonus The first 5 articles  Ireland Mixed, Patrick van der Valk, GB Masters, Ireland Open, Australian Mixed Frisbee Golf Legend Del Robins  Filed under: Beach Ultimate, BULA, Interview, Ultimate Frisbee, WCBU Tagged: [Read More…]

Topsport Ultimate in Nederland DCUB to NBFT: 2011 – 2015 15:03 - Mar 04

— English below — Afgelopen zondag speelde het NBFT haar laatste Nederlandse oefenwedstrijd tegen de Red Lights. Mooi zomerweer was het niet, want er stond nog best veel wind. Helaas verloor het NBFT deze pot. Als echte serieuze atleten gingen de leden van het NBFT dinsdag en maandag nog een maal het veld op om [Read More…]

Sarah Paddle Swim WCBU preview : Team India 09:03 - Mar 03

Interview by @SimonCocking with India Captain’s Manu, AP and Abhi Manu Karan (Manu) – Captain – Team India (Open Masters) Arun Pandiyan (AP) – Captain – Team India (Open) Abhinav Vinayakh Shankarnarayanan (Abhi) – Captain – Team India (Mixed)  Ultimate in India! Delighted to see you guys coming to WCBU. When did Indian teams first start managing [Read More…]