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GH Beach Tales Games to watch – Friday #BeachTales 18:03 - Mar 12

WCBU_2015_wcb_39633-(ZF-10727-51063-1-004)Well clearly the games to watch are the finals. So let’s have a quick look into them and maybe some predictions Grand Masters: USA vs Sweden – in their previous meeting USA won 13 – 4. The real question is, what will Sweden change? Open Masters: USA vs Canada – Team USA have rolled through [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Papa and Mama Goose plus John Titcomb #FamilyDay #BeachTales 17:03 - Mar 12

DSC_0039Everyone knows that WCBU is made up of athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers and organizers.  We also know that there has been  a ton of media covering the event as well.  However, there are some other people wandering around the fields.  These are supporters of the team and some come in the form of parents.  If you [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Ultimate family in UAE #FamilyDay #BeachTales 17:03 - Mar 12

2015-03-09_ROEDER_UAEw-GBRw_CARD2_0097-(ZF-5464-92710-1-004)As players we love the way in which a frisbee flies, the huge plays, the tactics and the simplicity of the sport. As people we love the idea of Spirit, self-officiation and often most importantly the sense of community. The ultimate family. Here in Dubai is no different. We see friends of 10, 20 or [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Bracket Play – It’s Business Time #BeachTales 22:03 - Mar 11

2015-03-11_SRP_CANw-GBRw_CARD1_0042-(ZF-5464-92710-1-001)Pools are all done, it is time for the knockout stage.  Check out all the standings here.  It is time to see what teams can manage in do or die mode.  I look at mixed, women’s and open and tell you a bit of what to expect for each one. Mixed The USA has gone through [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Player Profile: Currier Island #BeachTales 20:03 - Mar 11

DSC_0172Name and Jersey Number: Mercy Mbago #9 Which team do you play for? I play for Currier Island in the women’s division, but I am from Kenya How did you end up deciding to come here with Currier? We didn’t have enough ladies with Kenya.  We wanted to play mixed, but we didn’t have enough ladies.  My [Read More…]