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GH Beach Tales Games to watch – Friday #BeachTales 18:03 - Mar 12

WCBU_2015_wcb_39633-(ZF-10727-51063-1-004)Well clearly the games to watch are the finals. So let’s have a quick look into them and maybe some predictions Grand Masters: USA vs Sweden – in their previous meeting USA won 13 – 4. The real question is, what will Sweden change? Open Masters: USA vs Canada – Team USA have rolled through [Read More…]

GH Beach Tales Ultimate family in UAE #FamilyDay #BeachTales 17:03 - Mar 12

2015-03-09_ROEDER_UAEw-GBRw_CARD2_0097-(ZF-5464-92710-1-004)As players we love the way in which a frisbee flies, the huge plays, the tactics and the simplicity of the sport. As people we love the idea of Spirit, self-officiation and often most importantly the sense of community. The ultimate family. Here in Dubai is no different. We see friends of 10, 20 or [Read More…]